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    Export de bétail vivant - Livestock trading

    French leader of exportations outside EU.

  • Worldwilde exportations

    Transport by livestock vessels

    Each week hundreds of animals are exportated to coutries of North Africa and Middle East.

  • More than 50 000 animals exported over 2015

    Leader of Extra European livestock exportations

    Your every day partner, worldwilde exportations, hundreds of cattle each week.

  • Livestock truck unloading

    Every animals are checked one by one

    This is while the trucks are unloaded that we checked the animals before loading them into the vessel.

  • A history of family for 4 generations

    Auroch and Socobev, a history of family

    Our business is our passion. We know our clients and they know us.

  • Quality cattle

    Our job is to find the animals which fit your needs

    4 generations of experience at your service.

  • Permanent care of the cattle

    To guarentee optimal conditions during the transportation

    We care of your animals from their loading untill their unloading.

International livestock trading

Auroch is the french leader for catlle exportations outside European Union to the countries of North Africa and middle East.

Each week catlle for slaughter, breedind or fettening are loaded by full livestock vessels from the port of Sete - France. The animals are exportated to countries like Turkey, Lebanon, Algeria, Tunisia and Libya.

We take care of the catlle from their loading in the truck directly in the farm untill their final destination in the port of the importing country.

Livestock trading

From now on it has been the fourth generation of Houot family which has been working in livestock business. With more than 50 000 heads of cattle exportated in 2015, Auroch is the leader on the market of export outside European Union of alive cattle in France.

Road transport

The animals are drove to the port of loading, or directly at destination by special livestock trucks. Then, the cattle are unloaded in a stable in order to rest for a few moments, to be sorted out, and now they are ready to be loaded in the vessel.


All the logistics is organized in order to the loading of the vessel to be as fast as possible. On board, a special formed crew take care of the cattle during all the sailing untill their arrived to the port of destination.

Groupe Auroch

Livestock trading is our business for decades. International society, Auroch and Socobev are specialized in alive ovine and bovine exportation.